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12 Signs You Suck at Buy Engagement Rings.

You’re not getting the Engagement Rings you want because you suck at buying engagement rings.

It’s true. We’ve all been there, right? You’ve got this great idea in mind for an engagement ring, but once you start looking around, it all goes wrong. Your budget is too tight, your taste is too bland, your budget is too tight… you get the picture.

Maybe that’s why we’re here: to help you out of this rut in one easy step! Here are 12 signs that show that you aren’t just bad at buying engagement rings–you suck at them:

1. You don’t know what you’re doing

2. You have no idea how to make a ring look good

3. You can’t afford the ring you want

4. You don’t have the money to buy a ring in the first place

5. You don’t have anyone who would be willing to help you buy a ring

Engagement Rings

6. You don’t know anyone who has ever bought an engagement ring for themselves or for their partner, so how do you even know what looks good?

7. Your fiancĂ© doesn’t like any of the rings that are available for purchase at your local jeweler’s store and thinks that buying an engagement ring is too much trouble for them (even though it’s not)

8. Your fiancĂ© doesn’t like any of their friends’ engagement rings either because they’re not as big or flashy as yours will be–and if they are too flashy/big/expensive then they’ll feel like they aren’t as important as everyone else around them.

9. You go overboard with your budget and end up spending way more than what was originally planned on a ring that isn’t even what you wanted in the first place!

10. When trying on rings in stores or online stores where they give them away for free (like Zales), all of them look good on every finger except yours! This means either your tastes are weird (unlikely) or it means your taste is so bad (more likely).

11. You keep going back to look at other options even though none of them make sense for this situation: “Hey, do those look better?” “No way!” “Oh wait… those don

12. You feel like you’re doing it wrong because it seems like everyone else is getting married and having kids and having babies and having dogs… but then again, maybe there’s something wrong with them? Maybe they’re all just looking for things that are easy?

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