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9 Things Your Parents Taught You About Wedding Rings.

Your parents taught you a lot about life, but they also taught you some important things about Wedding Rings. Here are nine things your parents taught you about wedding rings:

1. If it’s not worth keeping, don’t wear it.

2. Don’t let anything tarnish your happiness and joy in life, because it will happen eventually if you’re not careful.

3. If it doesn’t fit right, don’t wear it–even if you have to take it to the jeweler for adjustments!

4. You can never have too many rings (or earrings).

5. If something is too tight or too loose on your finger, get a new one! You deserve the best jewelry possible at all times (especially when you’re planning an event as important as getting married).

6. Your ring serves as a reminder of how much someone loves YOU–and this is why we always recommend buying matching sets of wedding bands and engagement rings together (we’ll explain why later).

7. You should always wear your wedding ring on your right hand.

8. The band should fit snugly and the stone should be set in the middle of the band, not on top or bottom.

9. The ring should be made from gold or platinum, but not silver because it’s too easy to tarnish over time (and tarnish is unsightly).

If you want a bigger stone, you can use cubic zirconia instead of diamonds–it won’t cost as much money but looks just as good!

If you have a thin finger and want a less bulky ring that doesn’t look too big on you, then consider buying an adjustable ring so that it can be sized up or down depending on how tight or loose around your finger it fits comfortably when worn alone without another piece of jewelry on top of it (like another ring). This will help make sure that there isn’t any pressure being placed on one area of your finger while wearing multiple rings at once (which can cause discomfort).

Make sure that whatever type of metal your wedding ring band is made out of matches what kind of metal used for other pieces in your other jewelry collection (if applicable); this way everything will match together nicely since.

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