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Engagement Ring Shopping: Tips from a Jewelry Expert


Engagement Rings are a major investment, so it’s important that you get the right one. If you’re shopping for an engagement ring, here are some tips from a jewelry expert:

Section: Know your budget

Section: Be realistic about what you want to spend (and don’t spend more than that)

Section: Be flexible when it comes to size and shape (though not when it comes to color). Save up for something special if you want your ring to be perfect!

Section: Think carefully about whether or not you’ll want a wedding band with this purchase–if not, then skip ahead; if so, keep reading!

What to look for in an engagement ring

  • Diamond Cut. The diamond cut is the shape of your diamond, and it’s important to choose one that you like. A round brilliant cut has no fancy edges or smooth areas on the surface of your jewel; this cuts costs by not including any extra material in the cutting process. A Radiant Cut will have a lot more facets than a Round Brilliant, but they’re still pretty small compared with what’s available on other rings (which means higher cost).
  • Clarity: In general, if you want to buy an expensive ring from someone who knows what they’re doing, talk to them about clarity–the absence or presence of imperfections in their diamonds will affect how much these stones are worth later down the line when they’re appraised by experts at Sotheby’s auction house or Christie’s auction house (these two places put on some major sales every year). If there are any visible flaws present in your stone then those can be removed by having them professionally polished before setting into a larger piece like an engagement ring!

How to shop for an engagement ring

You’ll want to shop for an engagement ring at a reputable jeweler. The best way to do this is by asking around and getting recommendations from family members and friends who have purchased jewelry in the past. If you don’t have any local options, consider looking online for reviews about the different stores that specialize in engagement rings and jewelry as well as their return policies, insurance policies, warranty policies and more!

Once you’ve found a jeweler, consider taking them out to lunch or dinner. This will give you both a chance to get to know each other better and also allows them to show you some of their work so that you can make an informed decision about which ring design is right for your fiancĂ©-to-be.

Why you should give your partner a gift certificate

A gift certificate is a thoughtful way to show your partner how much you care. You can get a ring that is perfect for them, and it’s up to you how much it costs! The best part is that if they choose something else, there’s no hard feelings.

If you’re worried about making a mistake when buying the perfect engagement ring for your partner, don’t be–you’ll have plenty of time after their proposal (or before) to find out what size will work best with their hands and fingers. If this all seems like too much pressure on one day, try giving them an email survey so they can share their own preferences with us 🙂

We also highly recommend getting help from our team at [Diamond Engagement Ring NYC] who specialize in helping couples find the perfect gifts for anniversary parties or birthdays!

Why you might want a budget-friendly engagement ring

If you and your partner are looking for a budget-friendly engagement ring, there are many options. You can still get the perfect diamond that fits both of your needs and desires, as well as one that will last for years to come.

You may also be interested in finding a ring made from quality materials. You’ll want to make sure that whatever material is used in the construction of this precious piece of jewelry, it will serve its purpose well and not tarnish or lose its luster over time.

Engagement Ring

You should also consider the style of ring you want. If you’re looking for something that’s simple and elegant, then a solitaire engagement ring might be perfect for you. However, if you want something more elaborate, there are plenty of other options available. You can even find rings that have both a diamond center stone as well as additional gemstones set around it.

Here are some tips on how to make sure your diamond is perfect.

Make sure the diamond is certified. The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and IGI (International Gemological Institute) have strict guidelines for what constitutes a flawless stone, which means that you can count on them to ensure that any piece of jewelry with less than 0.5% inclusions or blemishes won’t pass muster. If you’re having trouble finding a reputable lab near you, consider ordering one from an online retailer like [this website](http://www.etoro).

  • Make sure the diamond isn’t too big/small for its setting. You should also keep in mind that if your ring has been altered recently–say, through resizing or changing settings–it may not have been properly graded before being sold as “slightly oversize” or “larger than 1 Carat”. This means the gemstone may not be perfectly round after all!


Engagement ring shopping can be a very emotional experience, particularly when you’re faced with the task of choosing an engagement ring that will not only match your fiancé’s tastes and lifestyle, but also express your love for each other. So how do you make sure you don’t make a mistake? Here are some tips from jewelry expert Megan Lapeyre:

Start early. The best time to begin thinking about finding the perfect ring is before you even start dating! This way, when the time comes around for an engagement ring proposal (or proposal in general), everything will be easier for both parties involved. Also keep in mind that setting up a budget does help ensure that both parties are on the same page when it comes to finances—but don’t let this stop your from getting engaged! If one person has more money than another then maybe they should just ask someone else instead of spending so much money on such a huge purchase like an engagement ring?

Keep track of what you like and what doesn’t work well together. You might think something looks great at first glance but once you get into details there may be something wrong with it – take note!! For example; if there’s too much sparkle or diamonds all over then chances are it won’t show well against skin tone (especially pale complexions). Be sure to ask questions like; “What type of stone?” “Do I like them individually or combined?” “How many stones do I want?” And always remember; if they’re not going to work together then don’t buy them!!! You’ll end up wasting money because those two people probably won’t see eye-to-eye when it comes down too rings at all.

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