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Florentine Round Dome Classic Bangle Bracelet

Gold has been a part of jewelry making since centuries & it has been a tradition since then which is being followed till now. Jewelry is an important part of our attire since it gives a finishing touch to our overall look & personality. Gold is the most preferable metal used in jewelry making since the time when humans first started adorning them. Gold jewelry is the oldest & the most classiest of all. It is a piece of jewelry that every women wishes to have in her jewelry collection. Given the return value or considering the fact that gold is good for investment, it has always been the most popular metal for jewelry.

At Diamond District Block, we offer a splendid variety of fashion statements in form of Gold Bracelets. Gold Bracelets are loved by every women and are the most quintessential jewelry of its class.

We present to you the stunning & supreme Florentine Round Dome Classic Bangle Bracelet. The best part of this jewelry is that it is filled with perfection when it comes to elegance. The graceful Gold Bracelet is crafted in 14 K Yellow Gold (20.5g) and is 8 inches long & 13.5mm wide. It has a secure, hidden-safety clasp. Moreover, it comes with 60 day worry-free return & lifetime guarantee.

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Fine Gold Jewelry Bracelet

Gold is known for its beauty & versatility and is the classic metal for most of the jewelry. Gold is one of the metals that existed since the ancient times. It is the only precious metal that never goes out of style since it is wearer friendly and beautiful. Gold is a purchase that you will have for a lifetime and when it comes with a beautiful & elegant design, it’s cherry on the cake.

Diamond District Block is here with the latest and evergreen Fine Gold Bracelet. The beauty of this fine gold bracelet is that it gives a classic as well as chic look at the same time. The simple yet elegant basket weave design and appeal of this bracelet makes it one in a million.

This stunning bracelet is 6.5mm wide made in 18 karat White Gold. This basket weave bracelet comes with a secure, box with tongue and safety clasp. In addition, it comes with a lifetime guarantee and 60 days worry free return.

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