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Then and Now: A History of Wedding Rings Design Trends.

A wedding ring is a symbol of someone’s love for another person. It’s also a mark of commitment and shared history. Rings play an important part in many cultures around the world. Many traditions surround rings, such as giving them to children or giving them to animals as gifts. In many cultures, the way a couple designates their bond to each other is through their wedding rings.

Wedding rings traditionally feature a plain design- until the late 1960s, that is. Ring designers started adding extra elements to their designs in the late 1960s to promote the idea of adding extra elements to their design ideas. These elements included tiny squares of precious metals like gold and silver. Designer engagement rings have proven to be highly lucrative for jewelry manufacturers. This is because these rings are popular with both men and women alike. Plus, they’re easily recognizable as a symbol of love.

A couple design trends have emerged from this surge in jewelry creativity. For one, designers started adding small gemstones to wedding rings to demonstrate how much the two people in the relationship loved each other. Another trend has been towards minimalist designs- fewer elements on your ring demonstrate your love for someone more effectively than fewer elements on your ring did before you added extra elements to it. Today, wedding rings are far from limiting in design possibilities. You can have rings shaped like hearts, snakes or animals to represent your love for someone else.

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Wedding rings are not just for newlyweds anymore! They’re now worn by people who have been married for years- and by people who haven’t yet tied the knot at all! Rings now have plenty of designs that are gender neutral, making them suitable for both male and female wearers. Since most people design their own wedding rings, there are also plenty of different styles and materials used to create them. Traditional metals like gold and silver are still used, but designers also experiment with new materials like titanium or carbon fiber. Many traditional styles can be adapted for women with smaller hands, like stackable bands or bangle-style designs.

Design trends help define the way people express their love through their wedding rings- and there’s no shortage of inspiration when it comes to creating a unique symbol of your bond with another person. Whether you’re planning a new wedding or simply adding new rings to your collection, consider how you can best demonstrate your commitment to another person through this cherished symbol.

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